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Our Vision

Laudato Si’ as a way of life; Sustainability is the future

Living Laudato Si’ is a call to action inspired by Pope Francis’ second encyclical to come together to solve the ecological crisis that the planet faces today.
As part of the Church’s social teaching, Laudato Si’ is particularly relevant to the Catholic faithful here in the Philippines. We are Asia’s largest Catholic community, and we are one of the most dramatically affected by the environmental changes the Pope so eloquently speaks about in this encyclical.
Recognizing the urgency of the problem and the requirements of our faith, we are calling on our Catholic institutions—our parishes, our dioceses, our religious orders, our schools, our Catholic communities—to come together and make our voices heard in the most powerful way we can today.

We urge you to stop allowing your financial resources to be used to support these harmful activities. Tell the appointed stewards of your financial resources to withhold deposits, investments, and loans to institutions that are engaged in or enable the growth of businesses and ventures that harm the environment.

Our Mission

We are inspired by Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home

We encourage people, especially the Catholic community, to join us in our mission and proudly wave the green flag for the environment and live by the Church’s social teachings.

Build capacity and foster more partnerships in mainstreaming the principles of Laudato Si as framework and tool for sustainable development.

Influence relevant institutions (faith-based organizations) to divest from destructive industries and shift towards financing solutions that promote sustainability and social-justice.

Our Work

We call on local financial institutions to divest from environmentally-harmful activities

Living Laudato Si’ Philippines is a call on our local financial institutions to divest from environmentally-harmful activities to alleviate the rising climate crisis.
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Divest for Sustainability,
Invest in our Common Home

We keep track of Catholic investments in financial institutions and companies and strategize to call on local financial institutions to divest from industries that harm the environment, and invest in sustainability.



The encyclical of Pope Francis “Laudato Si’: On Care for our Common Home”, number 211, highlights nine (9) doable and effective ways on how to show our love and care to our common home.


Laudato Si’ Schools

We have developed a framework based on Laudato Si’ to be integrated in the strategic plan of Catholic schools.